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Only those account holders who have made atleast one deposit today will be considered for this prize.

The winner will be randomly drawn at midnight and contacted within 24 hours following the draw.

The winner of yesterdays’ giveaway is :

Terms and Conditions


  1. All promotions are exclusively available to majority slot wagering account holders.
  2. The standard terms and conditions of Lion Slots is applicable to all bonus rewards awarded during this promotion and can found on the Lion Slots website.

Lucky Draw Prizes

  1. Only one winner will be randomly drawn at midnight each day. The winner will be notified telephonically and via email within 24 hours of the draw.
  2. If a winner is unreachable for more than 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited and deemed void.
  3. A winner cannot enter a draw for a prize which the winner has previously won but may enter a draw for different prize/s.
  4. Prizes will be delivered within 3-5 business days to the address registered in the winners’ casino account.
  5. Prizes may NOT be redeemed for cash.

Ticket Accumulation

  1. A single deposit of USD 25 secures you a single ticket.
  2. Deposits of USD 100 or more earns you 6 draw tickets.
  3. Deposits of USD 500 or more 30 tickets.